World's smallest 4mpx camera?

World's smallest 4mpx camera?
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November 7, 2004 Contax has announced what may be the world's smallest 4mpx camera - the bonsai Contax i4R, which at only 94mm long, 21mm thin and weighing a mere 90g, is an extraordinarily compact option for a digital still camera with record, playback, and erase modes. The i4R also comes with a fast Carl Zeiss lens and RTUNE image processor for unlimited continuous shooting with virtually no shutter lag. Silver, black, cherry and aluminium colour variants make the i4R a stylish fashion accessory while it's straight lines give an ultra slim look reminiscent of the 3.2mpx Toshiba T30.

The Contax i4R offers a Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 6.5mm lens (equivalent to approx 39mm in the analogue 35mm film format) consisting of 4 elements in 3 groups and includes two aspheric and one high index lens element. A protective slide unit hosts the flash and LCD monitor and is also used to switch the camera off and on.

For greater control, the i4R has the ability to focus down to an amazing 5cm (2 inches) in macro mode (lens element surface to subject distance). The i4R also incorporates 6x digital zoom and includes up to 8x digital zoom in playback mode.

The Carl Zeiss Tessar T* f/2.8 lens has been developed specifically for digital usage and achieves outstanding colour reproduction and rich colour gradation.

In addition, Carl Zeiss' special multi-layer T* coating dramatically reduces flare and ghosting which results in crisp, ultra sharp images.

The Contax i4R comes complete with a docking station to charge the battery in the camera and to provide a straightforward link to a PC, TV or printer. Images and videos can be transferred to the computer, video clips can be played back on the TV, and photos can be printed directly on a PictBridge-compatible printer.

The Contax i4R is available in Europe now for approximately €398.

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