World's smallest, globally-compliant UHF RFID reader module

World's smallest, globally-compliant UHF RFID reader module
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August 5, 2006 Embedded RFID reader technology specialist SkyeTek has announced availability of the M9 UHF SkyeModule, the world's smallest, least expensive EPC Class 1 Gen 1/2 and ISO 18000-6B/C OEM reader module that meets regulatory compliance requirements for the world's major markets including North America, Europe (ETSI 302 208), Korea, and Japan. Approximately half the size of a business card, the M9 was designed for embedded UHF applications such as item-level inventory, handheld reading / encoding, and printing. Priced at US$199 per module and US$59 per ReaderWare license, the M9 offers excellent value in the embedded UHF reader market.

Based on SkyeTek's Advanced Universal Reader Architecture (AURA), the M9 leads the industry in UHF reader price-performance due to its ReaderWare software layer. ReaderWare provides advanced reader intelligence that not only delivers adaptive behavior, broad tag support, and industry standard security, but also performs functions traditionally performed in hardware allowing the M9 to achieve uncommon efficiencies in cost, performance, power consumption, and form factor.

"UHF in RFID is typically associated with dock door readers used in supply chain," said Drew Nathanson, RFID Practice Director at Venture Development Corporation. "We believe embedded applications, where the reader becomes designed into shelves, containers, and machinery, will drive the next wave of significant RFID adoption in both UHF and HF."

The M9 offers support for anti-collision, dense reader mode, security, inductive UHF, and a broad array of EPC Class 1 Gen1/2 and ISO 18000-6B/C tags, including soon-to-be-released tags based on new Gen 2 silicon. As tag memory increases, customers will be able to leverage ReaderWare Security to provide privacy protection, anti-tampering, and anti-counterfeiting on generic tags without incurring additional cost. These features come standard in the M9 which is offered as a single, global SKU allowing the factory or end user to set which country mode it should operate in.

"The M9 is based on SkyeTek's Advanced Universal Reader Architecture, which has been developed from the ground up for embedded RFID applications," stated Rob Balgley, CEO of SkyeTek. "Market feedback on AURA and the M9 has been very positive. We not only sold out of all pre-production units but also have generated a significant backlog heading into our official launch period."

Customers can purchase SkyeTek's M9 as a module or ReaderWare license. Licensing also provides customers with access to the M9 ReaderDNA reference design, allowing them to integrate the technology directly into their product design and realize 40 - 70% cost savings as a result.

The M9 is available immediately with regulatory pre-scan testing completed for North America, Europe (ETSI 302 208), Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Pre-scan testing for Japan will complete in August.

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