WorldViz, a behind-the-scenes virtual reality company that's been working on large-scale VR solutions for the enterprise and industrial sectors, just announced its new platform for business communication. The project, codenamed "Skofield", allows remote users to make cross-platform presentations in VR.

WorldViz describes Skofield as a VR version of the popular online video conferencing tool GoToMeeting. Instead of remotely viewing Powerpoint presentations with voiceover and video calling integration, Skofield users virtually interact with the presentation materials and one another. For this reason, it's poised to be particularly effective in presenting complex, interactive objects and settings.

It's no secret that VR is expanding out of the gaming space and into artistic, personal enrichment and business applications. But unlike proprietary measures like improved controllers and platform-specific content (and the demo of the VR world envisioned by Mark Zuckerberg at this year's Oculus Connect conference) WorldViz uses device-agnostic software.

That means users won't be bound to one type of headset. Skofield lets users tune into a 3D meeting using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, a 3D display, or even a wall-projected CAVE system, and will add further compatibility based on demand. Not only is this cross-compatibility convenient and cost-effective, it also gives developments from WorldViz a greater amount of clout. They aren't representative of just one manufacturer's attempt at realizing incremental VR goals, but are potentially industry-shifting improvements.

Since the system is still in alpha testing, pricing for Skofield has not been announced yet. It will be demoed for the first time at the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas this week. Companies interested in becoming beta testers for project Skofield can sign up on the WorldViz website.

Source: WorldViz