This design concept from Delaware-based industrial design firm Xelestine might appeal to family men of a certain age considering a sporty mid-life crisis automotive purchase but wanting to enjoy some of the family-friendly benefits of a wagon or pickup truck. Intended for a front-engine vehicle, the concept centers around the rear window that can be raised to switch from a fastback to a wagon, or can be folded to create a pickup truck.

The fastback to wagon system features two side triangular panels that retract into the C-pillars in fastback mode to provide a sportscar form factor with improved aerodynamics for better fuel economy. When loading the shopping or picking up the kids from school, the panels can be raised to provide extra rear luggage space. If you still need extra room, the firm has also designed a system that sees the rear window fold forward to give an open-top, rear cargo area similar to a pickup truck.

Xelestine has filed an international patent for its designs, but isn’t looking to produce the concepts itself. Rather, it is looking to attract the interest of manufacturers to help further develop the concept.

Both the fastback/wagon and fastback/pickup systems can be seen in the animations below.

Source: Xelestine

Fastback to Shooting Break

Fastback to Pickup Truck

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