Nifty, a British company which successfully crowdfunded the MiniDrive, is back with a new product. The Xoo Belt is a belt which hides flexible batteries capable of charging your smartphone on the go. Thankfully, as you would expect from a belt, it also holds your trousers up.

The Xoo Belt looks like an ordinary belt, but it hides within it 2,100mAh of battery capacity. A 1,300mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery is sandwiched between the two layers of leather, with an 800mAH battery residing comfortably in the buckle. The total of 2,100mAH is enough to charge most new smartphones, with the exception of phablets such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You attach your phone to the Xoo Belt by way of a MicroUSB cable nestled between the belt and your body. This remains attached to the belt via magnets until you need to use it ... at which point you simply pull it away from the belt and plug it into your phone. You can then charge your phone on the go, and it can sit happily inside your pocket being juiced back to life.

The Xoo Belt takes around three hours to recharge (via either the mains or a computer), and three hours to power a smartphone up from scratch. A set of five LED lights on the buckle informs you how much charge the belt has remaining. The buckle is detachable from the belt, allowing for future upgrades or changes in fashion.

The Xoo Belt works with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. A pledge of US$155 is enough to secure a Xoo belt, assuming both that the funding goal of $50,000 is reached and the company delivers on its promise to ship them to backers by July 2015.

The Indiegogo campaign video explaining the technology behind the Xoo Belt is embedded below.

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