February 28, 2008 Consumers who use PCs for high-end gaming or media work can invest in a top-of-the-line computer and still be held hostage by a ticking time bomb cooling system. While fan-based systems are slowly corrupted by dust, and liquid cooling systems face the problems of evaporation and highly damaging seeping, Xyber Technologies offers an alternative that it claims is quieter, more efficient, and more stable.

The MK Series of PCs uses aluminum tubing filled with inert gas that evaporates when heated and flows to the cooler end of the tube, where it condenses and returns to repeat the cycle. The design boasts 19% greater cooling efficiency, and 80% less energy consumption – while other computers of the same calibre require 1000 Watts, the MK Series operates on a custom 110 Watt supply. It uses fewer moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance, and can be stored in cabinets or drawers, due to the minimal ventilation requirements. Most importantly, the stable, efficient cooling system allows processors to reach their highest potential – operating at greater power, and at higher speeds.

Another design feature likely to endear Xyber to gamers and media professionals is its completely silent operation. While PCs with fan-cooling systems resort to larger, lower speed fans to reduce noise, the Xyber system is genuinely noise-free. The lack of fans also frees up valuable space in the computer housing, allowing users to easily upgrade their systems with additional components.

Xyber Technologies offer four systems available for purchase at their website: the MKI desktop PC for the home or office, the MKII desktop for communal business environments, the MKIII desktop for high end gaming, and the MKIII Home Theater System, with 5.1 surround sound.

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