Joining a growing list of smartphone-connected lighting products, the Yeelight bedside lamp is designed to add some high-tech ambience to the home with a range of 16 million possible colors, sleep and wake timers, and Bluetooth plus onboard controls.

The sleek-looking cylindrical lamp features a brushed aluminum base with frosted acrylic shade topped with touch-sensitive and push-button controls. Inside the Yeelight there are 14 Osram LED lights that can be adjusted to deliver a vast array of color temperatures and brightness, from the glow of a match all the way up to the white light of a fluorescent bulb.

The Yeelight also offers a programmable cycling mode that allows the light to regularly rotate through four different colors. You can stick with the default or customize the color choices within the accompanying app (Android and IOS). One nice touch is the ability to pull up an image from your library and then use the color picker to choose four colors and save them to your lamp. It's also possible to adjust the speed at which the colors cycle from within the app (but not directly from the lamp itself).

The Yeelight doesn't offer the palette of programming tools or remote control options found in the Wi-Fi-connected Phillips HUE, and we found that the color reproduction wasn't always perfect, but for the suggested price of US$59, it looks hip, and gives you lots of fun options when it comes to matching the ambience of a room to your mood.

Product page: Yeelight Bedlamp

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