Bathing with your significant other is good in all sorts of ways, although things can get kind of cramped when you try sticking two people in one bathtub. That's why German wellness products manufacturer Trautwein created the Yin Yang "couple bath." It lets you and that special someone bathe together without, you know ... bathing together.

Designed for use in spas and hotels, the Yin Yang consists of two side-by-side tubs, each of which has its own faucet, taps and drain. This means that the temperature in each tub can be set to that bather's liking, plus either of the tubs can be used on its own, without having to fill up the other. Additionally, the company points out that it could be used by friends, or mothers and daughters, who wouldn't necessarily want to be right in the same tub together.

Each tub features integrated lights that can be set to different colors, an underwater sound system that allows users to bathe "directly in the loudspeaker" as the music pulses through the water, and an array of air and water nozzles. The product takes its name, of course, from its resemblance to the Chinese yin-yang symbol.

If the idea of the Yin Yang couple bath floats your boat, be prepared to part with a little cash – it costs approximately €22,000 (US$29,750).

... and if you're thinking that it brings Saturday Night Live's Love Toilet to mind, you're not the only one.

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