Spanish architectural firm Elii has recently transformed a tiny apartment in Madrid into a smart home filled with space-saving and multi-purpose furnishings. Getting its name from a Japanese manga series, the Yojigen Poketto home is a mere 33.6 sq m (361.7 sq ft) in size, but is full of hidden storage spaces and handy surprises.

"The 'Yojigen Poketto' literally means '4D Pocket'," Elii architects tells New Atlas. "It is the pocket of anime character Doraemon, from where he pulls amazing items from the future. We like to think this space is full of openings and traps as a 'Yojigen Poketto' for the users of this space."

The tiny home has been designed for one to two occupants and is organized around an L-shaped living unit. The wet zones, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, cupboards and storage spaces are all built into this single unit, which gives room for an open central living space. The living zone can be used for several purposes, such as dining, entertaining, studying or relaxing, and due to its open design, the home has the impression of being larger and roomier than it actually is.

In addition, this core service station is designed over two distinct levels, creating an elevated sleeping zone and a hidden bathroom area. The bedroom can be closed off with a sliding curtain for a cozy and private atmosphere, while the bathroom that features a shower over a bath tub, toilet, basin and mirror and storage cupboard, is smartly tucked away at the back of the unit. The elevated bedroom area is accessible via three steps that can be used as seating and also hide an abundance of storage space underneath.

"The two elevations not only allow different atmospheres to be arranged, but also integrate additional functions in the house, such as a deep bathtub in the bathroom, a storage area under the bed, thus optimizing every cubic meter of the house," says Elii. "Secret trapdoors extend the storage space in the overhead areas. A portable stepladder/furniture item is used to overcome the difference in elevation, add storage spaces and double as small grandstands in the living room."

The home also features a wall kitchen complete with a sink, oven, cook top, hidden fridge, and bench area that also pops out and can be transformed into a dining table, work station or coffee table. There is also a hidden European laundry and a separated entrance area filled with floor-to-ceiling mirrored cupboards.

"This work is one of a series of projects of transformable domestic spaces," says Elii. "The inside of the household is configured as a small 'domestic theater' where every day is enjoyed within a different stage. We believe these proposals are interesting not only because they save space, but also because they increase the potentiality of the inhabitants' experience."

In addition to transforming small spaces into comfortable living solutions, Elii architectural firm is currently working on a child care building in Madrid and has just completed a project called 'The Ghosts of Susie Sierra" for an exhibition called 'The Voices of GPS" that is open in CentroCentro Cibeles (Madrid) until the 20th of May.

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