The In Your Own Voice Storyteller lets children enjoy a bedtime story with a familiar family voice – even if there's no familiar family member around. A parent, older sibling or grandparent records passages of a book onto a child friendly pen programmed with specifically coded stickers that can be attached to the relevant pages of a story book. All a child needs to do is place the pen over the sticker on the book’s page and the recording will play.

Each of the 600 stickers are individually encoded with a series of dots (similar to a bar code) which can be programmed to the recording pen and then stored on the pen’s in-built memory.

The set also includes 40 stickers with different pre-programmed sound effects like a cat meowing or a phone ringing.

It is a great idea for single parents or for periods when parents are away. Whilst nothing can really replace a real life bedtime story with crazy voices from dad, this product is a great idea to encourage early reading skills and to keep children feeling at ease and entertained.

Available from Hammachler Schlemmer for US$79.95, In Your Own Voice Storyteller requires two AAA batteries and is suitable for children aged 3 and up.