A common problem with most MP3 players, portable game systems, and Bluetooth headsets is earbuds that don’t stay in your ear. Many earpieces, like the ubiquitous white iPod earbuds, are designed to be “one-size-fits-all” but simply do not stay put when you’re exercising, gaming, or walking through the airport. Yurtopia aims to fix that problem with their Yurbuds custom-sized earbud enhancers.

Yurbuds are soft silicon-rubber covers that fit over your existing earbud-style headphones. Using Yurtopia’s scanning technology, the company says they can guarantee an earpiece that will not fall out, and will stay comfortable for hours. The company claims that the design of the Yurbuds helps improve sound, and because they channel sound directly into the ear canal, Yurbuds also allow you to reduce the volume on your audio device.

To get the proper fit, you must submit a picture of your ear with an iPod earbud or an American coin shown for scale. Yurtopia then uses their FitScan technology to analyze your photo and determine the proper size Yurbud for your ear.You can take your photo with any digital camera, phone camera, webcam, or Yurtopia’s new iPhone app.

To install the Yurbuds, simply slide the right and left covers over the appropriate earpieces on your headphones. Some Bluetooth headsets and in-canal style earbuds may require a “Yuradapter” for compatibility. Once the Yurbuds are installed, simply insert them into your ear with a small twist.

When Gizmag tried the Yurbuds at the 2010 CES show, we found the fit to be excellent and that comfort was improved when wearing the earbuds for an extended time. The sound quality did not seem to be affected (the cheap iPod earbuds still sounded cheap).

Yurbuds are available at www.yurbuds.com, BestBuy.com, and Best Buy Mobile stores for US$20.00.

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