Zaha Hadid designed a lot of high-profile buildings throughout her career, but, surprisingly perhaps, only one private residence by the late starchitect has been completed to date. Named Capital Hill Residence, it's a remarkable-looking luxury house that features bedroom suites raised above the surrounding trees.

Though only recently declared officially complete, Capital Hill Residence was conceived in 2006. Informed by a wealthy client that he wanted to wake up in the morning and see only blue sky from his plot in Barvikha Forest, near Moscow, Hadid replied "You realize you have to be above the trees?". After receiving an affirmative answer, the architect immediately sketched what became Capital Hill Residence on a napkin.

The concrete and glass structure is classic Hadid: bold, unique, and sure to be divisive, it looks like some kind of futuristic spaceship has landed amongst the greenery. Its most eye-catching feature is the master bedroom suites that are raised on a skinny pillar above the 20 m (65 ft)-high trees that surround the house.

Much of the rest of the huge 2,650 sq m (28,524 sq ft) home is carved into the hillside. The first floor includes the primary living room, dining area, kitchen, entertainment spaces, and an indoor swimming pool. The second floor hosts a library, guest room, and children's rooms.

Alas, there are currently no interior photos available of Capital Hill Residence, which is a real shame as it's difficult to properly assess the home without them. However, the video below involves owner Vladislav Doronin and current Zaha Hadid Architects boss (and longtime Hadid collaborator) Patrik Schumacher discussing the project.

The pair reveal some interesting insights, including Hadid's steadfast refusal to alter her design despite being told it would be difficult to realize – indeed it was a "nightmare" to build says Doronin.

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