Work is underway on a new skyscraper in Beijing, China, that was designed by starchitect Zaha Hadid (with longtime partner Patrik Schumacher) before her death. Rising to a height of 207 m (679 ft), the Leeza Soho tower looks like it'll be a real stunner. Its interesting design will include an interior that's split into two distinct halves and joined by the world's tallest atrium.

The Leeza Soho skyscraper is situated within a new business, residential and transport development in southwest Beijing. Once complete, it'll comprise a total floorspace of 172,800 sq m (1,860,000 sq ft), spread over 46 floors, mostly taken up by office space, with some retail space, too.

The tower is positioned directly above (and will offer connection to) a new subway interchange station. This station diagonally divides the interior into two halves, which are joined by a central atrium and wrapped in a glazed facade. Multiple walkways offer connection between the two halves of the building.

The atrium is set to be the world's tallest, reaching a height of 190 m (623 ft) and surpassing Dubai's Burj Al Arab's atrium, which is currently considered the world's tallest. The Leeza Soho's atrium also twists a total of 45 degrees as it rises, aligning with a nearby major road and providing both natural light and views of the city to each floor.

The project is targeting LEED Gold certification (a green building standard), with some of the notable green design slated including an energy-efficient curtain wall that features natural ventilation (filters will aim to mitigate Beijing's notorious pollution), rainwater collection and a grey water system for flushing toilets and irrigation.

Low-energy fans, chillers, boilers and lighting will be installed, and a high-tech energy management system will monitor real-time environmental control and energy use within the skyscraper. Furthermore, the tower will include a total of 2,680 bicycle parking spaces with lockers and shower facilities, as well as underground charging spaces for electric cars.

Construction of the Leeza Soho is currently at the 20th floor and is due to reach its full height in September of this year. Completion is expected for late 2018 and it's being developed by Soho China.

More information on its structure and photos of the actual building (the above images are remarkably realistic computer-generated renders) will doubtless be made available as the project progresses.

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