Bentley US$9800 Zai Zaiira skis

Bentley US$9800 Zai Zaiira skis
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The result of a design collaboration between Bentley’s Styling Studio and the high-end Swiss ski manufacturer zai, only 250 numbered sets of these limited edition handmade black skis will be made. Zaiìra®, the novel composite material used in the skis, was originally created for use in the latest generation of aircraft. It contains carbon fibres that are used on the skis’ top layer, in combination with natural rubber in the central part, as well as a carbon fabric in composition with chrome steel in the torsion part and long carbon fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LFRTP). This combination of technology and performance give maximum performance with minimum weight as well as the ability to lie firmly and reliably in the snow, whatever its condition.

Both companies revel in their attention to detail and craftsmanship and with the use of the novel composite, the skiis are being marketed as “made to last a lifetime.”

The skis’ geometric structure and acceleration power, which demands little effort of the skier, combined with these unique materials result in an extremely smooth-running and stable ski and a unique skiing experience. According to zai Founder, Simon Jacomet: “The handling of ‘zai Supersport’ is smooth and responsive, dynamic and lively. They are a world-first!”

Zai, known for producing a range of high-end luxury ski products, has also worked with the Bentley team to create two other exclusive Bentley products. Zai for Bentley ski poles feature a new technology, ExoGrid®, which is currently used for golf shafts and is used solely for the first time in the Bentley Supersports skis. Its unique combination of titan and carbon fabric reduces weight and guarantees high stability.

In addition, custom-manufactured and designed ski bags made of leather and neoprene ensure that the zai Supersports Skis can be carried comfortably, while a Bentley quilted lining offers optimum protection and suppleness.

The ZaiforBentley skis are now available to order and retail via zai distributors at a price of GBP 5,900 / EUR 6,800 / US$9800.

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What a waste of money. Seriously, this is all just bogus. These are made with lots of fancy and expensive materials which in reality are going to make no real difference. They just sound cool and fancy. These are no different from those $1000 audio cables. If your stupid enough to buy these, you deserve to loose all your money. They are clearly aime at knob polisher men with too much money. Skiis are made to be broken, like bones.
colour mag
Think its really absurd that people who will never afford this item no matter its brilliant craftmanship and ZAI is literally hands above the competition, will throw in comments from a peanut gallery. These aspirational people should stay off the blogs that they only dream about. If you cant afford it then you shoukld not be able to judge it. Do you Ski in Switzerland or even Aspen? probably not. Nuff said.