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ZappLight bulb turns ordinary lamps into bug-killers

ZappLight bulb turns ordinary ...
The ZappLight provides light and lethality
The ZappLight provides light and lethality
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The ZappLight provides light and lethality
The ZappLight provides light and lethality
The ZappLight's LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt
The ZappLight's LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt

Thanks to the Zika virus, mosquitoes are back in the news and as feared as ever. While getting a dedicated bug-zapping light could help keep the little beasts at bay, not everyone wants to bother buying such a device. Well, that's why the ZappLight was created. It's an LED light bulb that goes into a regular socket, and it reportedly kills mozzies.

The open-sided bulb provides both 920 lumens of neutral white(ish) light for regular illumination, along with a blue UV light for attracting the bugs. An electrified grid zaps them once they get inside. Users can choose between switching on the white light or blue light independently, or they can have them both on at once.

The ZappLight's LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt
The ZappLight's LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt

The LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt. A single bulb is reportedly good for drawing in mosquitos over a space of 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m), and its LEDs should last for over 50,000 hours of use.

And yes, the electrified parts are claimed to be inaccessible to little-kid-sized fingers.

The ZappLight is available now, with pricing starting at US$20 for a single bulb. It can be seen in use, in the video below.

Source: ZappLight

The Revolutionary ZappLight

Derek Howe
"Brush the bugs away" hahahahaha, this product wont sell. Nobody in their right mind is going to want to constantly clean it.
I bought some of these bug zappers for under $ 2/- each, delivered to my home. A whole lot easier to clean too. Why would I want to buy a bulb for 10 times as much?
But do they attract mosquitoes? They may zap other bugs, but I'm not sure mosquitoes are attracted to the blue UV light.
This kind of bug zapper is supposedly not effective against mosquitoes:
"What's wrong with bug zappers? They kill beneficial insects, attract mosquitoes but don't kill them, help mosquitoes find standing water to lay their eggs, and spray insect fragments into the air. The Ultra Violet (UV) light from zappers attracts all night-flying insects. Each night zappers kill about 3,000 beneficial insects such as moths and butterflies, which pollinate flowers, but only a handful of mosquitoes. A Notre Dame University study in South Bend Indiana showed that people with a zapper in their backyard got bit 10% more than people without one because zappers attracted mosquitoes but did not kill them. UV light also helps mosquitoes find water where they lay their eggs. When UV light is reflected off the surface of water it is polarized. Like polarized sunglasses that reduce glare and help you see objects more clearly, the mosquitoes follow the polarized light to the water to lay their eggs. Because they attract large bugs, they are purposefully designed to explode them so they don't accumulate and become a fire hazard. Exploding bug-fragments drift on the air. People and food nearby may be contaminated by insect-fragments from the zapper." Source:
Do we have any zap ligth thingies for creepy crawling bugs (roaches and bed bugs ) or is it just the flying kind ?
This little bulb kills it. My condo is next to a fairly wooded area and I always get eaten alive when I'm out on my porch. I have this zapplight on as my patio light and I hear those little buggers getting zapped all night when it's on. The blue UV light is like honey to a bee. No more mosquitos in my bedroom or eatting me when I'm outside reading my book. Oh and the LED light is decent too. The bugs that get zapped just either fall out or I can quickly blow them away. It actually works 👍🏼
I bought a couple of these bulbs last week and surprisingly they do the trick I live in Ocala Florida where the bugs run ravage all year. I put 2 on my porch and 1 in my kitchen and 1 on my bedroom.
The 2 outside kill a ton of mosquitos and the bulbs in my bedrooms work great I don't have too many bugs in there but it seems to kill a few mosquitos and a couple Nats and fruit flies.
I think this is a pretty good product.