Thanks to the Zika virus, mosquitoes are back in the news and as feared as ever. While getting a dedicated bug-zapping light could help keep the little beasts at bay, not everyone wants to bother buying such a device. Well, that's why the ZappLight was created. It's an LED light bulb that goes into a regular socket, and it reportedly kills mozzies.

The open-sided bulb provides both 920 lumens of neutral white(ish) light for regular illumination, along with a blue UV light for attracting the bugs. An electrified grid zaps them once they get inside. Users can choose between switching on the white light or blue light independently, or they can have them both on at once.

The LEDs use 9 watts, with the zapping grid using another 1 watt. A single bulb is reportedly good for drawing in mosquitos over a space of 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m), and its LEDs should last for over 50,000 hours of use.

And yes, the electrified parts are claimed to be inaccessible to little-kid-sized fingers.

The ZappLight is available now, with pricing starting at US$20 for a single bulb. It can be seen in use, in the video below.

Source: ZappLight

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