The first DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild includes a new mask that seeks out the Koroks, who will award you seeds to spend on upgrading your inventory slots. This will be especially useful in the game's new Hard mode (included in the DLC), but finding the mask in the Lost Woods without help isn't easy.

When you load up the game with the DLC installed, you'll be given a quick overview of the mask's powers...

...along with a new side quest. Press A to set a destination.

That will send you to Woodland Stable, just outside Eldin Canyon. Even if you haven't been there yet, the spot will be identified on the map.

Head there and go inside to find...

...Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 1. Have a read, it says:

"Traysi here! Awake or asleep, my quest for juicy rumors never rests! EVER. Doesn't everyone gossip in their sleep? Today I've got a hot rumor fresh from the mill that is...wait for EXCLUSIVE! And that special topic is...the mysterious Korok Mask! They say if you pour enough love into an object, a spirit will inhabit it. Something that creepy's just gotta be true! And apparently, this Korok Mask really is inhabited by a spirit! If you wear it, it supposedly shakes and makes adorably weird noises every now and then. Maybe it does that to tell you when friends are nearby and you can't see them? Who knows! Some day the treasure chest containing this mask is hidden in a tree hollow in a forest that makes people lose their way. Hmm, sounds like a tough place to find something! Luckily, word has it there's a convenient trick for finding your way..."

That'll be the Lost Woods, then, as covered in our Master Sword guide. Head that way from the Woodland Tower - if you've never been there before, it's pretty distinctive on the map, covering a large area.

The Lost Woods are filled with terrifying trees with gaping mouths. One of them has a chest inside it, and it's up to you to find it. The rumor mill's suggestion that there's an "easy way" to find your way around is somewhat misleading, in that actually finding the chest is pretty difficult, but there's a good way to avoid getting sucked up by the fog. Light a torch at the entrance (you may need to use a fire arrow or sword to get a light going in the first place) and the embers will point you in the direction you need to travel.

If you follow the embers, and move from torch to torch, you'll eventually arrive at these two fires. Notice how the embers on all of the fires here are pointing to the left? That's your guide, although it's not so exact that the chest will be easy to find...

...which is why you're reading this guide, of course. Here's the exact location of the chest on the map. Make a mark of it, and head towards here from the two light. It's a little way, and the fog can be a little unpredictable, swallowing you up and spitting you back to the entrance if you go in what it deems to be the wrong direction, but if you move left from those fires with a lit torch, you should be okay.

Activate your magnesis when you're in this area and look for the distinctive pink glow of a movable object. Here I've spied the chest in tree in front of me...

Lift it out. If you're struggling, have a look at the mini-map on my screenshot above - lining yourself up with this will help.

And there it is! The map will shake when a Korok is nearby, which will likely be often - there's 900 of them in the game.

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