Cases for smartphones are nothing new. Neither are backup batteries meant to keep phones juiced up when on the go. What is new, though, is ability to get a package that includes a case, battery backup, and cable for US$20. That's what Zolo is promising with its new accessory package.

The system comes in three parts, each connected via magnets. First, there's the case, which the team promises is up to military-grade standards for impact protection. Next, there's the cable, which use magnets to stay fastened to the case and battery. Lastly, there's the 3,000-mAh battery, which is enough for one full charge on most smartphones.

For devices that don't charge with microUSB, small magnetic clips that fasten to the end of a third-party cable are also included, allowing the system to be used with iPhones and other devices.

In addition to the slim, hard plastic case, a screen protector is also included, and the creators promise that it can shield smartphones from drops up to two meters high (6.6 ft).

As you might expect, the main purpose of having the case and battery magnetized is so the battery can be connected and charging without hanging there awkwardly. The team promises that it has done extensive research to make sure that the magnets will not damage users' devices, which is obviously a concern whenever one is going to be placing anything on their expensive smartphone for extended periods of time.

Anker, the company behind Zolo, is seeking funding on Indiegogo to bring its smartphone accessory pack to market. As mentioned, backers can preorder a pack with the case, magnetic clips, battery, screen protector, and cable for $20. Users who do not want a case can order everything else for a pledge of $15.

The pitch video below provides more information on the Zolo accessory pack.

Sources: Zolo, Indiegogo

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