December 23, 2007 Anyone who has used a GPS system in a foreign country will know how much this relatively low-cost device can make to one’s state-of-mind. Now a new Assisted GPS (A-GPS) device has hit the market which could make a huge difference in other ways. Zoombak’s advanced A-GPS system uses both GPS and mobile phone networks to track your pets, cars and other assets. You can locate your belongings in real time, set ‘safety zones’ around any location and be alerted of their whereabouts by email, SMS/text message or track them via the web. So now you can know where your cat, dog, child car are, for USD$10 a month.

The Zoombak locator is a rechargeable, light-weight water-resistant device (2.5oz) that is easily attached to a dog collar or can be outfitted to almost any vehicle in minutes.

The Zoombak locator is one of the first Assisted-GPS devices designed specifically for use by everyday consumers and will be sold nationwide at leading electronics and specialty pet retailers. Priced from $199 - $249, for pet and auto applications, respectively, Zoombak is smaller than a deck of cards and weighs less than three ounces, yet when activated can help find dogs and vehicles coast-to-coast, 24 hours a day and can promptly notify users about location by text message and email alerts.

Zoombak For Vehicles

According to the latest data available from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, every 26.4 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States. But, more than just an auto recovery solution, Zoombak’s on-demand location-finding capabilities gives parents of teenaged drivers or those with elderly drivers in the family, the comfort of knowing where they are when their loved ones are on the road.

Zoombak is designed to be hard-wired into a vehicle or used portably, giving consumers the flexibility to either just keep it in one car, or use it in different vehicles as needed. It includes an AC adapter for charging on the go. Zoombak is easy to set up, can help owners find the vehicle twenty four hours a day from almost any computer, cell phone or mobile device and notifies owners by email and SMS/text alerts.

Zoombak: For Pets

A recent National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy survey found that a family pet is lost every two seconds, resulting in more than 10 million pets going missing each year. One out of every three pets is lost during its lifetime, and only one in 10 lost pets is found. By our calculations, that means that roughly one third of pets is lost irretrievably, causing untold heartache and while the Zoombak won’t solve the issue for pets that have succumbed to the dangers of traffic, wild animals and the elements, at very least you’ll be able to find out what happened.

In contrast to passive microchips that are surgically implanted under an animal’s skin and simply identify a pet’s owner only if the pet is found and taken to a vet, Zoombak helps owners to locate their pets in real time. This solution monitors your pet and even lets you know when they leave or return to an area you’ve designated, such as a home or a local park. If your dog does go missing, Zoombak can help you promptly locate him on your computer or you can have the closest address text messaged to your cell phone.

Zoombak enables owners to create ‘safety zones’ around any location so you’ll know the minute your pet strays.

The Zoombak locator is a rechargeable, light-weight water-resistant device (2.5oz) that is easily attached to a dog collar or can be outfitted to almost any vehicle in minutes. Registering and managing the device on is quick, easy and secure.

Key features include:

• Unlimited on-demand location requests • A secure “point-and-click” website that is easy to personalize. • Easy management of location boundaries (“safety zones”) and alerts preferences – you can even program it to notify a neighbor or a family member • A comfortable, durable, water-resistant pouch attachment (Zoombak for Pets) • Complete vehicle installation kit (Zoombak for Vehicles) • A long life battery (5 days on standby or up to 150 location requests before recharging)

Pricing and Availability

The Zoombak locator is available now at the Zoombak web site, and at major electronics and pet product retailers nationwide early in 2008 with an MSRP of USD$199 for pet and USD$249 for auto, plus a low monthly service fee that includes unlimited locates starting at only $9.99 per month with pre-paid plans. There is no charge for customer service or for activating the device.

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