Even the best flashlights aren't as effective when your hands are busy with other tasks. Headlamps provide convenience and freedom, although visibility is limited by direction, with the potential to blind others upon eye contact. That's why Zyntony has created a new type of adventure light that pairs high lumen output with versatile mounting. The Ra is designed to magnetically strap to clothing, backpacks, or gear for broad area illumination.

If you need a bright light while trekking outdoors after dusk and don't mind holding it, something like the Zyntony Torch would suit just fine. Otherwise, it's a bit difficult to climb, steer, or set up equipment with only one hand free. The Ra provides the wearable convenience of a waterproof headlamp, but with multiple times the output. And the light doesn't move when you turn your head.

The Zyntony Ra is designed with five Cree LEDs, connected by flexible circuitry sandwiched between two strips of equally-flexible spring steel. Combined, these LEDs are capable of delivering up to 800 lumens of light with three selectable beam patterns. Behind each of the LED modules are a pair of neodymium magnets – 10 in total – which allow the Ra to be attached to any ferrous metal.

What makes this light wearable is the (optional) magnetic backer strip. Within a durable, flexible polycarbonate are 10 magnets that correspond (with opposite polarity) to the arrangement of the magnets mounted in Ra. This design permits the Ra to affix to backpack straps, outer layers of clothing, tent material, or anything else not too thick for the magnetic field. Given the easy adjustment, users are better able to position light as desired without the limitations that come with head- or hand-held alternatives.

Unlike most flashlights and headlamps that run off of AA/AAA batteries, the Ra receives power from external battery packs via USB cable. Zyntony's BatPacks are specially designed to work with the Ra, offering power without overheating and remote operation for multiple configurations. Depending on brightness setting and the battery's capacity, a single Ra can operate from 3.5 to over 252 hours.

The Zyntony Ra is currently funding on Kickstarter, having raised 178 percent of its US$15,000 goal in two days, with another 58 days left to go. A pledge of $58 sets you up with a Zyntony Ra and BatPak I, with additional tiers offering multiple lights and/or higher-capacity batteries.

Zyntony plans to complete prototype testing, finalize the design, and order tooling of the Ra before the funding phase ends. If production goes as planned, backers can expect shipments of the Ra to start sometime this June.

Check out the teaser video below to see how the Zyntony Ra works.

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