Although we've seen a number of bikes with built-in locks lately, the Dutch-made BluLocks bike still manages to bring a fresh approach to the concept. It combines an external chain with a locking mechanism that's located inside the seat tube.

To use it, you start by looping the nylon sleeve-covered hardened steel chain around an adjacent immovable object such as a sign post, then plugging a pin on the free end of that chain into a receptacle in the seat tube. By turning a key in a keyhole in that same tube, the chain is locked in. Turning the key additionally causes the internal mechanism to lock the crank, so pedaling is impossible.


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People wishing to steal the bike would then have to either go after the mechanism – which would be quite difficult, and involve wrecking the bike to the point that is was unridable – or they could cut the chain.

Doing the latter would still leave a bit of the chain dangling from the bike, however. Perhaps not a deal-breaker for thieves who are simply looking for a ride, but definitely a deterrent to people hoping to sell the stolen bike. Additionally, they would still be stuck with a bike that they couldn't pedal.

The 11.2-kg (24.7-lb) steel-framed bicycle itself comes in two frame sizes and four color choices, plus it features a flip-flop rear hub – this means that it can be used as a freewheeling single-speed or a fixie.

The BluLocks bike is currently the subject of a Indiegogo campaign, where a pledge of US$399 will get you one. You can see a demo, in the video below.

Sources: BluLocks, Indiegogo

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