Ever since the 2013 Italdesign Parcour and Audi Nanuk concepts, we've been waiting and hoping for a legitimate off-road supercar that blends Italian styling with burly drive-anywhere construction. We're not quite there yet, but Turin-based design studio Camal has given us its take on a "hypersuv" it calls the Ramusa.

This high-riding AWD sports car vision would see 800-hp (597-kW) worth of Bugatti V12 and electric power shooting its driver across road and dirt. Camal designed the Ramusa for a client, and says that there's been talk of a limited series release, but we're definitely not holding our breath for this oddball two-seater to make it onto the road, or off the road. It's an interesting design exercise, though.


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The client chose the pre-Volkswagen-era Bugatti EB110 supercar as the basis of the build, and Camal designed an all-new high-riding concept around that car's carbon chassis and quad-turbo 3.5-liter V12 engine. It's a fairly nondescript sports car with a short, plain front, tucked-and-creased sides, muscular rear haunches, and air inlets and outlets cut into various parts of the 170 x 79.5 x 51.2-in (4,320 x 2,020 x 1,300-mm, L x W x H) body.

The Ramusa concept is no Jeep Wrangler fighter, but it earns a little all-terrain capability from its squarish, large tire-accommodating wheel arches, 9.8-in (250-mm) ground clearance and AWD powertrain. The rear wheel-powering V12 gets help from an electric motor hooked to the front wheels for a total system output of over 800 hp.

Beyond the quick mention of a limited series "in the near future," Camal doesn't say anything about when we might expect an actual car. And being that it's an off-road sports car developed around a decades-old platform by a young Italian design firm for an undisclosed client, we won't be spending time looking for it at upcoming auto shows.

Source: Camal

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