December 10, 2007 While they offer huge advantages in getting through traffic, fuel economy, convenience and pure smiles-per-mile, it's no secret that onboard storage on motorcycles is generally absolute rubbish. You might fit a wallet, phone and a spare pair of gloves under the seat, but anything bigger than a helmet, and even a maxi-scooter's stumped. Which is why we were fascinated to discover Cargobike, a two-wheeled conveyance designed with one goal in mind: proper carrying capacity. And that it delivers - 150 whole liters of waterproof, lockable storage capacity, and a maximum load of a whopping 80 kilos in the cargo compartment which is nicely balanced where the tank and engine would be on a normal motorcycle.

The Cargobike is probably the only bike around that can zip you through traffic with a full suitcase, laptop and a few pairs of shoes all stored securely in a waterproof compartment, with room for your lid and gloves when you get where you’re going.


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The bike will be available from January 2008 with the 125cc version priced at EU€4980 and the 250cc available for EU€5990. Both are twist-and-go autos.

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