While beer is best served chilled, everyone who’s tried it knows that beer and ice generally aren’t a good mix. Most options to keep the beer cold once out of the fridge, like beer koozies or the Chill Puck, work from the outside in, but a new device called the Chillsner turns things around. This freezable metal spike fits inside a beer bottle to keep your brew ice cold from the inside out.

The main body of the Chillsner is filled with a non-toxic thermal gel that can be cooled down to freezing temperatures. After 45 minutes in a freezer, the stainless steel rod can be slotted inside a 9-inch (23 cm) or taller long-neck bottle with an airtight seal at the top to keep it secure. Four flow vents near the top let you drink your beer like normal.


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Hewy Wine Chillers LLC, the company behind the Chillsner, previously produced a similar product called the "Corkcicle," which did a similar job on bottles of wine. It's a simple solution, but one many beer lovers might embrace – anything to avoid that that final lukewarm mouthful of beer at the bottom of every bottle.

The Chillsner is now available for pre-order at a price of US$29.95, with shipping expected to begin in early June. Each package will contain two Chillsners, along with a freezer case for storing them upright and two drink coasters.

Source: Chillsner

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