Cinemizer video glasses offer quality portable viewing for Nokia N96

October 1, 2008 While watching high quality video on phones and personal media players is an attractive prospect to consumers, doing so on a tiny screen is not. While micro-projectors are developing into a viable alternative, video glasses remain an attractive option for bringing cinema quality viewing to your own personal space, and the cinemizer from Carl Zeiss even manage to inject a little style and comfort into the equation.

The 115-gram glasses simulate a one-meter wide movie screen at two meters distance and when connected to the new Nokia N96 mobile phone there's an added bonus - the TV signal from the integrated DVB-H receiver is displayed on the video eyewear without loss of quality.

“Anyone that has experienced their favorite show, a TV movie, a music clip, a YouTube video or a soccer game on the cinemizer screen, will no longer be satisfied with a standard screen, not to mention a small phone display,” says Andreas Klavehn, Marketing Multimedia Devices Manager at cinemizer developer Carl Zeiss.

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