November 20, 2007 Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc., has announced its first shipment of Mobile CT-80 automated explosives detection system (EDS) to a government customer in the Middle East.

Available as a self-contained truck, trailer or container unit, the Mobile CT-80 provides automatic detection of explosives in items from small personal effects to large bags, packages and break-bulk cargo with folding conveyers receiving and releasing bags from the operator station inside.

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The only TSA-certified EDS to be deployed as a mobile unit, the Mobile CT-80 system has a small footprint which makes it suitable for temporary deployment at special events and use in smaller airports. It is designed to withstand harsh environments using self-contained power generation, heating and cooling and operate for up to three days without external power.

Reveal’s CT-80 was certified in 2004 by TSA and the systems are currently deployed in over 50 US airports and in countries such as Israel, France, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, and Jamaica.