Video: Underwater flight in the DeepFlight Dragon

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Deepflight Dragon: operates like a quadcopter in reverse, pulling down instead of lifting its whole weight upward(Credit: Charles Dence/Deepflight)

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In our latest review video, Loz scoots over to Lake Tahoe, California, where the Deepflight team is testing its new personal submersible. Shaped like Speed Racer's Mach 5, the Deepflight Dragon is actually an upside-down manned quadcopter capable of going 400 feet (122 m) underwater – and Deepflight claims it's so easy to fly that any fool can do it, even though it's not finished yet. We'll see about that!

Enjoy the full written Deepflight Dragon review, or dip into our gorgeous photo gallery.

View gallery - 16 images

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