Computer display manufacturer EIZO today announced the release of a pair of Wi-Fi-enabled monitors, the DuraVision FDS1702N and DuraVision FDS1702NT, which can receive audio and pictures from a computer on the network.

Both displays allow the connection of a mouse and keyboard via USB which effectively turns the monitor into a thin client for controlling a PC on a network. The T model comes with an additional resistive touch interface as an alternative means of control.


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Up to six displays can be connected (wirelessly, or by LAN cable) to a single PC. Any USB device such as a memory stick or DVD drive will be usable from each display.

Both displays are 17-inch with 1280 by 1024 native resolution. Brightness for the FDS1702N is 250 cd/sq m, for the T, 190 cd/sq m. Both models are equipped with 0.5 W speakers. The displays are compatible with WLAN standard IEEE802.11a/b/g/n.

The monitors could prove useful to those that still have need of ye olde desktoppe workhorse computer, perhaps hidden a cupboard as a server-cum-shoe stand, or for administering an under-the-TV PC used as a console-beating Steam Big Picture-enabled polygon-chucker. For taxing tasks such as gaming it might be prudent to try one out before committing. Then again, when is that imprudent?

Source: EIZO, via Ubergizmo