New GSM Diverter promises call cost reductions fo small business

The Powertec GSM Diverter is a clever hardware device that enables you to divert your landline phone to your mobile as if it's a mobile-to-mobile call. This means that when a home or office phone is diverted to a mobile phone, the GSM Diverter turns the landline component into a mobile call so that diversion charges reduced by up to 80%.

The cost benefits are substantial according to Powertec, with a 10 minute diverted call potentially costing 20 cents at mobile-to-mobile rates, instead of up to $2.50, translating to significant phone bill savings for small business.

The system consists of two devices, a diverter box and a GSM Gateway. The diverter box receives the incoming call and diverts it out via a GSM Gateway.

The new product is a result of four years of R&D and Powertec Telecommunications has just begun to franchise the GSM Diverter throughout Australia.

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