All-in-one iPod A/V PocketDock: one cable to link them all

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SendStation's PocketDock AV

SendStation's PocketDock AV. View gallery (2 images)

May 31, 2007 SendStation's PocketDock AV is one of the most versatile iPod docks we've seen yet. Sporting USB, audio, composite video and S-Video connections, the device allows you to simultaneously sync, charge, connect to a stereo, and play video on a TV or projector.

While it's no HDMI, S-Video offers significant quality improvements over all existing methods of connecting an iPod Video to external displays.

The included multi-core cable eases transportation significantly - by design it is now impossible to leave that one vital connector at home, or pull a tangled mess of cables out of your bag once you reach your destination.

The PocketDock AV is designed to work with most iPod cases, and is available now for US$36.95.

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