June 28, 2007 This aerial image of Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View turned up in a press release this morning, pointing out that the 1.6 MW Google Solar "Campus" is now the largest commercial photovoltaic system in the United States. Take a look at the image in higher res and see if you had the same reaction we did. Google doesn’t smelt aluminum, cast large metal objects or refine petroleum – it’s activities are confined to a bunch of people quietly working away at computers. Recognising that Planet Earth is drowning in its own excrement no longer needs a PhD or an election and this is the largest photovoltaic system in the whole U.S.A.? It’s just not that big!

Anyway, getting down off the soapbox for a moment, and focussing on the positive aspects of the Solar Campus, it was designed and installed by EI Solutions of San Rafael, and comprises 9,212 208-watt modules supplied by Sharp. SatCon’s PowerGate inverters convert the sun’s energy produced by the photovoltaic panels into alternating current electricity that is used to power the facility.


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The new system will spare the air nearly 3,637,627 lbs/year of harmful greenhouse gases annually.