October 22, 2007 Korean handset manufacturer Pantech have unveiled a bone conduction mobile phone that transmits sound to the inner ear using vibration. Not only does the ongoing emergence of bone conduction technology represent a solution for using phones in noisy environments, but it’s also a boon for the elderly or those suffering hearing loss for whom the use of conventional speaker phones is problematic.

The Pantech-au A1407PT has a bone-conduction speaker attached on the front of handset which transmits sound via vibration when held against the users skull.


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The function is available when the flip-phone design is closed and a 6cm wide LCD with oversized characters is included along with three one-touch buttons to further enhance functionality for the elderly.

The phone also features multimedia functions such as a built-in camera as well as a personal anti-crime alarm that can be activated by pressing and holding the “#” button.

Pantech Group plan to release the A1407PT into the Japanese market from November.

Previous examples of bone conduction technology covered in Gizmag include MP3 players, stereo headsets , snorkels and even a finger phone concept.