Not so long ago, leaving a message for other members of the household would often involve sticking a note on the fridge and hoping they saw it. Now that just about everybody has a mobile phone, hastily scribbled notes have given way to hastily thumbed text messages or a quick voice, or even video call. Native Union is looking to somehow combine the almost lost art of not-so-instant messaging with the more modern video call with its Play video memo pad.

Found hiding away in the back halls at IFA 2011, the Play features a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and video camera housed in a talk bubble-shaped enclosure. Its magnetized back allows it to be easily stuck on the fridge to let people leave messages, make to-do lists or indirectly complain to someone who used the last of the milk. The device can store a total of three minutes of video - either in one long rambling message or broken up into multiple, shorter messages - and a flashing LED will let people know when there's a message waiting to be viewed.


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The Play will be available from Native Union at the end of the month in green, pink, blue, purple, red, white and black. It will cost around GBP50 (approx. US$80), which admittedly would buy a hell of a lot of Post-It notes.

Via Pocket-Lint