Colorado's Tiny Diamond Homes recently completed a monster of a tiny house – literally. The Purple Monster is easily the largest towable dwelling we've reported on to date and reaches a length of 38 ft (11 m). The model pictured was recently sold to a young family who did some of the work themselves, but comissioning another would cost over US$80,000.

When does a tiny house get so big that it stops being, well a tiny house? It's anyone's guess, but the Purple Monster can't be too far off. Based on a custom triple-axle gooseneck trailer, it includes 340 sq ft (31 sq m) of floorspace just on the ground floor – not including the sleeping loft – and is 10 ft (3.08 m)-wide, well over the 8.6 ft (2.62 m) legal towing width for standard trailer towing in the United States.


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However, the owners are a military family who will use it as their home as they change bases in the US, so perhaps they have the resources or connections necessary to get such a large dwelling transported without too much fuss.

The layout of this one is a slight surprise as we assumed the extra space would be used for more rooms. Instead, it actually features a pretty standard two-bedroom tiny house layout, except everything is made more spacious – it really does look quite roomy in there.

It's not fully-furnished yet, but the lounge area includes a chin-up bar and a large custom-made bench with storage space beneath, while the kitchen has a cooker, full-size fridge, washer/dryer, Belfast-style sink and faucet and lots of cabinet space. The bathroom boasts a relatively large-looking shower/bath, as well as a sink, and a composting toilet.

The master bedroom is downstairs and measures 10 x 10 ft (3 x 3 m). It will include a large bed that lifts up to reveal storage and has generous glazing, storage space, and a desk area.

The stairs aren't your typical storage integrated tiny house staircase, but instead a standard staircase with a proper banister and a closet underneath. They lead to the second bedroom, which is a tiny house-style sleeping loft with a skylight.

The Purple Monster gets its electricity from a standard RV-style hookup. Heating and hot water come from a propane forced air furnace and the weight comes in at 17,000 lb (7,711 kg). There was still a little finishing to do when the photos were taken, including padding for the bench and stainless steel countertops, but color us impressed anyway.

Source: Tiny Diamond Homes

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