Colorado's Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses' latest project, the aptly-named Rusted Mountain Roost, stands out from the crowd with its distinctive rusty siding. The 312 sq ft (28.9 sq m) towable home also has a somewhat different interior layout that provides a bedroom you can actually stand up in.

Rusted Mountain Roost was commissioned by a semi-retired real estate professional, who knew exactly what she wanted and provided her own drawings for Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to work from.


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The lounge area is very snug and has just enough room for a couch and a wall-mounted TV. This frees up space for a decent-sized dining and kitchen area which includes a folding table, range cooker and sink, refrigerator, washer/dryer, and storage space.

On the other side of the lounge lies the bathroom, which is said to feel more spacious than it's limited floor space would suggest thanks to a high ceiling. It has a shower, toilet, and vanity sink.

Storage-integrated stairs lead to the main bedroom, and while we wouldn't want to overstate its size (this is still a tiny house, after all), it's more roomy than many of the other tiny houses we cover, with ample headroom to stand up. This helps make it feel more like a real bedroom instead of a cramped crawlspace. A repurposed barn door on saloon-style double hinges also provides additional privacy.

Back on the ground floor, a pull-out ladder leads to the guest sleeping loft, which is more your typical tiny house-style bedroom.

The Rusted Mountain Roost Gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and is framed with structural insulated panels (SIPs). It's heated and cooled with a ductless mini split system and a roof fan. Weight comes in at 13,200 lb (5,987 kg).

The tiny home's patina was created by treating cold rolled steel with hydrogen peroxide. It sits on a relatively short 24 ft (7.3 m) trailer, elongated with a 7 ft (2.1 m) gooseneck.

The Rusted Mountain Roost cost a total of US$84,000. The builder gives a tour in the video below.

Source: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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