Here's a cute idea from designer Sung Woo Park, from Seoul in South Korea. It's a park bench that rotates with the turn of a handle, so if it's been raining, you can rotate it around to sit on the dry side.

I'm not sure there's much else to say about it. I guess the fitness conscious could use it as a really tough treadmill. I wouldn't recommend it for homeless people to sleep on, lest some wag kicks them out of bed with the turn of a handle. And if you detached it from its legs, you could stand on top of it, walk forwards and travel backwards, just like Michael Jackson.


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Sung Woo's other designs include a tiny USB-stick camera, a universal remote that operates like a deck of cards, and an LED desk lamp designed to make use of the power left over in spent batteries.

Source: Sung Woo Park

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