Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Angela Jansen has come up with a seriously eye-catching variation on the classic table lamp - the Silhouette Floating Lamp. While the upper part levitates using electromagnets, the lower section is home to a ring of LEDs that reflect off the suspended mirror above to throw light out into the room.

The Silhouette's lower section sits on top of a handcrafted wooden base in black, from which runs a 2 meter (6.5 foot) black fabric covered power cable. It offers finger-touch dimming, has a light intensity of 300 lux and uses 15 W when at full strength.


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The mirrored bottom of the upper lampshade also lets some through openings to illuminate the area above and below.

The Silhouette Floating Lamp is available direct from Light Light for a not insubstantial EUR980 (US$1,350), and comes supplied with universal power adapter sporting an EU plug as standard, but U.S. versions can be ordered.

Home-owners who prefer round blocks over cones can opt for the equally expensive Eclipse lamp instead.

At last, something to go with that levitating chair.

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