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Levitating office chair for heavy hitters

Levitating office chair for heavy hitters
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November 19, 2005 There’s a time and a place to feel confident and on top of the game, and sometimes the things around us can help us feel grounded, comfortable and empowered. When you’re next in your office and doing serious business, imagine yourself seated on this comic-book inspired throne – the chair weighs lots, but thanks to a having a hovercraft style levitation system, the 200 pound chair can be moved around to suit your moods.

The objective behind Marijn van der Poll's “Chairman” was to “give today’s CEO the ultimate corporate seating object with special powers.”

And that’s when you’re sitting still. When you turn on the seat, you can take full advantage of the weightlessness to ride around the room – it’s your own personal amusement park ride too.

Watch the video here.

Taryn East
Sadly the video-link is broken. I can\'t find a link o the site anywhere, so I guess it\'s been taken down.
I think it looks like a hoax, or maybe just a \"design concept\". Look closely--it appears to be made of welded steel plates--not very comfortable. Further, if it really has a \"hovercraft style levitation system\", it would make so much noise you couldn\'t hear yourself think, much less meet with someone! Looking at the website for Marijn van der Poll, they appear to be a /style/ design firm, not a technology company.