Solar-powered homes, cars, and planes are all well and good, but decades of research in the field have finally resulted in something really useful: the IrresistiCat solar-powered cat toy. It's a simple device, featuring a ball that's propelled around a circular enclosure when enough juice has been received from its solar panel.

The IrresistiCat is designed by Solar Chaser, the company behind an eponymous solar-powered cat toy released in 2013. And it looks like the kind of thing that this writer's own cat may wish to take a swipe at, providing her first choice of expensive headphones or pieces of antique furniture weren't available.


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The company says it'll work from any source of light. A well-lit room, for example, will push the ball around a couple of times per minute, while direct sunlight will keep it moving constantly.

IrresistiCat is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to refine the prototype and bring it to market. As of writing, you'll have to stump up at least US$17 to be in with a chance of eventually receiving a unit. Assuming all goes to plan, shipping is estimated for January, 2016.

Check out the video below for a closer look at IrresistiCat.

Sources: Solar Chasers, Kickstarter

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