Unfortunately, the much-hated office cubicle isn't going away any time soon, but the small living movement has enabled a few enterprising types to enjoy an unorthodox working environment. In a similar vein to the Lorraine and Kantoorkaravaan, Denmark-based designer Jonas Hallberg's Tiny Office features everything required to do a day's work, wherever he chooses to take it.

Hallberg is no stranger to creating quirky small spaces, with previous designs including the a huge beer can that sleeps two people dubbed Can Sleep. His Tiny Office sits on a new trailer and can be towed with a standard car. It was partly constructed using reclaimed wood, including timber from a discarded jetty. An old oak tree from a forest in Jutland provided the wood for the table, and the herringbone floor is beech.


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The office measures 2.2 x 3 x 2.98 m (7 x 9.85 x 9.77 ft), not including the chimney. The interior is simple and includes two windows, a skylight, a bench seat, shelving, wardrobe, and a small table and chair. Access is gained by a single front door, reached by a removable step. There's no built-in toilet though, so Tiny Office users might need to consider packing a Bog in a Bag before towing the office to its destination.

A fridge and coffee machine are installed in the office, and Hallberg gets online with a mobile internet router. Heating comes in the form of a small wall-mounted wood-burning stove made by Danish firm Gaia Marine and power is provided by a small portable generator.

Hallberg is offering Tiny Office units for sale and prices start at €11,400 (US$13,000) for a basic version. The fully kitted-out office pictured came to a total of €16,700 ($19,000). The designer told Gizmag that an English-language version of his website should be up in around a week.

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