The EPP-HH01 Pico Cube from Epoq Multimedia lays claim to the mantle of the world's most compact and lightest portable video projector. We're not sure how accurate the claim is, but a unit which includes a speaker in its 2 x 2.2 x 1.6 inch footprint is pretty impressive, and anyway, it's a title that will undoubtedly change hands many times in coming years as video projection systems shrink rapidly to satisfy our mobile multimedia demands.

The EPP-HH01 projects images in VGA resolution using an LCoS image chip and a 3W LED light source. It offers an 80:1 ANSI contrast ratio and 98 times magnification (44” for 0.44 inch panel). A composite audio/video input allows connection to video game consoles, computers, DVD players, digital and video cameras and multimedia players.


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Due out this month, the EPP-HH01 Pico Video Projector is available for pre-order from Gadget Craver for USD$249.

Via: Gizmodo / Gadget Craver.