Your very own, portable, Tropical Island Paradise

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Yacht Island Design's "Tropical Island Paradise"

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Owning one's own yacht must surely be one of man's greatest indulgences. The ability to take your own tailored environment anywhere you want.

Yacht Island Design creates tailored environment like no other. Following on from its "Streets of Monaco" design is the "Tropical Island Paradise", a 90 metre island with a top speed of 15 knots.

The main deck is a beach "cove" of cabanas surrounding a massive ocean view swimming pool, with a waterfall falling nearby from the volcano.

A bar area, outdoor dining, there's a private spa and four VIP suites for friends, all with their own private balcony.

There's also a helicopter landing pad so those friends can drop in.

Underneath the swimming pool, the recreational area includes jet skis, kayaks and a RIB.

View gallery - 9 images

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