10,000 W iNuke Boom iPod Dock - it's huge

10,000 W iNuke Boom iPod Dock ...
Never go back to an iNuke Boom once it's shuffling (Image: Behringer)
Never go back to an iNuke Boom once it's shuffling (Image: Behringer)
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Never go back to an iNuke Boom once it's shuffling (Image: Behringer)
Never go back to an iNuke Boom once it's shuffling (Image: Behringer)
You should see my bedside table (Image: Behringer)
You should see my bedside table (Image: Behringer)
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If one had to describe Behringer's 10,000 W iNuke Boom dock for iPhones and iPods, it would not be big. That word does not begin to do it justice. The 700 pound dock is 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall and about as deep, and looks like the results of a crossbreeding experiment between a common or garden iPod dock and a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Other than those above, details are remarkably scant. The product celebrates the launch of Behringer's Eurosound consumer range. Images released by the company suggest a standard iPhone/iPod dock connector towards the front and center of the top of the device. They also show a recess in the rear corner, which is perhaps home to the various audio inputs and outputs one might reasonably expect from a such a heavy duty piece of audio equipment.

But the images are almost certainly computer renders rather than product photographs, and I wonder at the feasibility of the product. Who and what is it for, realistically? There appears to be no mention of the product in the technical sections of Behringer's website, despite other forthcoming products (such as the iNuke NU6000 amplifier) being listed. Behringer's Eurosound announcement describes the iNuke Boom as "limited edition." That raises the question of just how limited it will be.

The only other things we know are that the iNuke Boom will be unveiled at CES 2012 and that it carries a recommended retail price of US$29,999.99. At about US$3 per watt, one might argue that's extremely good value for money. CES is a little over a month away, so it'll be fascinating to see if Behringer has produced a working model. I'm not saying iNuke Boom is a hoax. I'm just not yet convinced it occupies the opposite end of the reality continuum. Watch this space, and wear earplugs just in case.

Ed's note: the iNuke is now in the wild. Here's the product page.

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James Hendricksen
Is it April 1st?
Walter Costescu
I\'m not gonna lie, there\'s a part of me that\'s like \"OMG, 10,000 W, it\'s huge, it\'s ridiculous, and I want it!!!\" but at the same time, I don\'t really know what I want it for lol. I don\'t really know what it\'s purpose would be, certainly not consumer, atleast not any normal consumer
Question Everything
Just what I want to hear, 110db noise that was compressed at 128kb. Thanks but no thanks.
Ritchey Ruff
I\'ll bet it goes to 11 for sure!!!
James Ng
The definition of stupidity is - \"just because you can, does not mean that you should\". It applied to this iNuke thing.
Alex Griffiths
$30,000 for a Behringer product? That\'s a funnier joke than the iNuke itself, any day.