Entitled “Fundamentals,” this year's 14th International Architecture Exhibition showcases projects made by architects, photographers, artists, critics and scholars from 65 countries around the world. Hosted by the Venice Biennale and curated by Rem Koolhaas, the exhibition looks back through the past 100 years and explores the role of architecture during different historical periods through themes such as war, depression, fascism, industrialism, growth and expansion.

“With Rem Koolhaas we have created an exceptional, research-centered Architecture Biennale,” says Paolo Baratta, President of the Venice Biennale. “Here, with great courage and ambition, Koolhaas has reviewed the history of modernity in the past hundred years, and offers a new perspective of those 'elements' that should constitute the points of reference for a regenerated and topical relationship between ourselves, our civilization, and architecture.”

Spread across 10,000 square meters (107,639 sq ft) with three main sections located at the Giardini, Central Pavilion and Arsenale, the exhibition takes its visitors on an architectural journey through space and time, investigating the current state of architecture and the potential for our future.

“Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014”/ National Pavilions

Located in the Giardini, 65 nations are united through the common language of architecture and a single modern repertoire. Side by side the exhibition reveals how diverse landscapes and political environments evolved throughout the last century and how architecture was used to influence or even control a society.

Monditalia/ Arsenale

Dedicated to Italy, “Monditalia” takes a look at the “fundamentals” of a country historically riddled with political change and chaos, while currently striving to meet its full potential. Located at the Arsenale, the exhibition offers a unique and complex portrait of Italy, incorporating clips from 82 Italian films and installations from 41 architectural projects.

Elements of Architecture/ Central Pavilions

Situated in the Central Pavilions, “Elements of Architecture” looks at the fundamental building blocks used by all architects: the floor, the wall, the door, the window, the ceiling, the hallway, the toilet, the stair, the tile and so forth. The exhibition is in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Design and features a series of installations that pool together “elements” from antiquities, past, present and future possibilities.

The 14th International Architecture Exhibition is open to the public until November 23 with tickets starting from €22 (US$ 30) per person.

For those who don't have a trip to Venice planned any time soon, you can get a taste of the architectural mastery currently gracing the Venice pavilions by checking out this photo journal skilfully captured for Gizmag by Italian Art Director Edoardo Campanale.

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