Each year, the UK's Chartered Institute of Building runs a competition showcasing the very best digital photography of the built environment. The Art of Building competition is intended to highlight the creativity of the construction industry, the passion of those people who work within it, and the impact their work has.

This year's shortlist includes 15 great shots of buildings and the people involved in their construction. Read on for a few of our favorites, then head to the gallery to see each of the photos, along with a description by the photographer.

Flatiron building in a snowstorm, by Michelle Palazzo

New York City's 22-story steel-framed triangular skyscraper, the Flaitron Building, is one of the city's most recognizable towers. This shot by Michelle Palazzo was taken during Storm Jonas at the start of the year and shows the building emerging through the wind and snow like the prow of a ship.

Purelife, by Shibasish Saha

This photo by Shibasish Saha shows a side of the construction trade that's less often considered, as men and women work together in a brick field in West Bengal, India.

Peacock, by Gina Soden

Gina Soden took this photograph of a Moorish-style castle in Italy that's been opened as a hotel. According to the photographer, each of the rooms is the design and paint work of just one man.

The Hive, by Marco Grassi

This photo by Marco Grassi is of a Buddhist settlement in Larung Gar, Tibet. Grassi says that the area was once the largest such settlement in the world, but is being demolished by Chinese authorities.

Control, by Roman Robroek

Alas, we know very little about this striking photo, other than the fact it was taken by Roman Robroek in Hungary and shows a control room built in an art-deco style.
Update December 19: The photographer has been in touch to provide a blog post link, where interested readers can find out more about the image above.

Voting is open to the public and those interested can visit the source link below. An overall winner will be declared on February 7 next year.

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