The Nissan GT-R launched in 2007 as the brand's halo car, wowing the world with unbridled power and cornering speed. For 2017, the GT-R has received its first major makeover since its launch and the results were unveiled in New York on March 23.

The changes are short of a complete overhaul, but are nonetheless significant. Hitting showrooms in the (northern) summer of 2016, the 2017 GT-R will have a freshened look inside and out as well as driving performance upgrades with new features. The GT-R Premium model will enter showrooms first, with three other grade levels of the GT-R to follow. Because the cars are hand-built and production is fixed, trim level model options are built separately.

The most significant upgrade to the 2017 Nissan GT-R is in its engine output. Both horsepower and torque have been upgraded with a boost of 20 hp (to 565, or 421 kW) and a somewhat longer, flatter torque curve for more enduring power delivery. A new titanium exhaust system, standard on the GT-R Premium, is accompanied by Active Noise Cancellation to block unwanted noise in the cabin and Active Sound Enhancement to improve spirited sound in its place. Wind and road noise are further reduced with the use of acoustic glass and sound dampening in the Premium model.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R's engine is, as the supercar's engine always has been, hand-made by artisans in Japan. These master engine builders assemble and tune the engines one at a time, working solo, and personalize each engine with their nameplate to mark a personal touch. For the driver, this upgrade in power is accompanied by the mounting of paddle shifters onto the steering wheel rather than the column, something many sport driving enthusiasts have asked for since the GT-R was introduced with an automatic transmission option.

On the exterior, the new GT-R showcases an upgraded body design. Most pronounced is the larger V-motion grille, which matches other Nissan models throughout the line. This bigger grille allows for better airflow and engine cooling. Matte chrome and a new mesh pattern for the grille finish the new look.

The hood also sees some changes, with more pronounced character lines along either side to follow the V-motion upward. Reinforcements under the skin give the hood more stability in high speed driving, reducing drag. A new exterior paint color is now available as well, titled Blaze Metallic.

The interior of the 2017 GT-R also sees some updates with Nappa leather adorning the instrument panel in the Premium edition. Seating has been changed to be better designed for comfort and hold during hard corners and long highway runs. Switchgear has beens simplified, reducing buttons from 27 to 11, putting many of the GT-R's less-used options into the 8-inch capacitive touchscreen, which replaces the outgoing 7-inch model. The semi-aniline leather interior of the Premium Edition has three color options, starting with Rakuda Tan, then Amber Red, and Ivory.

Source: Nissan

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