The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has declared the winners of the RIBA London Awards 2018. Comprising a total of 61 buildings, the competition is a good opportunity to check out an eclectic mix of high-profile British architecture, including schools, housing, towers, and a pub.

Each of the 61 winners are now in the running for RIBA's National Awards, which will be announced on June 21. The winners of that will then battle it out for the most prestigious award in British architecture, the Stirling Prize, later in the year.

Belvue School feels like a potential winner. A secondary school for those with severe learning difficulties, it required more space and was due to be allocated a couple of portable buildings. The head of the school decided her pupils deserved better and independently raised the money to commission Studio Weave to design this beautiful building of exposed timber frame, and birch plywood.

Gasholders London, by Wilkinson Eyre and Jonathan Tuckey Design is another standout. It involved the transformation of three Victorian-era cast-iron gasholders into luxury apartments. The interior designs of the buildings are as impressive as their exteriors and are inspired by the intricate mechanism of a wristwatch.

"London has perhaps the highest concentration of design talent found anywhere in the world," says RIBA London Director, Dian Small. "It is that concentration of diverse talent, skills, and exchange of ideas that makes London such an exciting and challenging place to work in the field of architecture. It's testament to the drive and passion of our members that again, we have seen the largest ever number of schemes shortlisted for the RIBA London Awards."

Hit the gallery to check out each of the 61 buildings that make up the RIBA London Awards 2018.

Source: RIBA

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