The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) hands out quite a few awards across a calendar year, the most prestigious of which is the Stirling Prize for excellence in British architecture. Among these, it celebrates the finest creations in different parts of the UK through its regional awards. Let's take a look at the buildings currently battling it out for top honors in the nation's capital.

A total of 93 buildings have been shortlisted for the RIBA London Awards 2018, chosen from 208 entrants. Included are stunning industrial conversions, refurbished office spaces and Victorian-era townhouses given modern-day makeovers.

There are also glassy skyscrapers that tower over the city center, wooden classrooms inspired by their forest surroundings, and spectacular theater spaces. Fine brickwork features heavily across the shortlisted buildings, as do very tastefully finished interiors.

All 93 will be assessed by a regional jury with the winners announced on May 15. Those winners will then be considered for the RIBA National Award in June, the winners of which are in turn eligible to be shortlisted for the Stirling Prize for the best new building of the year.

We haven't featured all 93 shortlisted buildings in our gallery, but jump on in to see the ones that did catch our eye.

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