Suzuki has released the first images of its upcoming new Jimny 4x4 … and it looks like an adorably baby-faced take on a mini G-Wagen. Bug-eyed, tiny and boxy, all it needs is the roof off, four ridiculously goodlooking male models and some orange mocha frappuccinos.

Where Mercedes' G-Wagen screams "rugged utilitarian gravitas," Suzuki's upcoming 2-door Jimny 4WD takes a very similar boxy shape and somehow makes it all about cuteness and fun. Actually, if you spend a little time grinning at this thing, then go have another look at the G-Wagen, that starts looking kind of cute too, except with an elongated fivehead.

It actually looks, though, like the new Jimny might be a little ripper of a thing in the rough stuff, with a part time 4WD system and a low range transfer gear to help you crawl through rugged terrain.

The new Suzuki Jimny: ladder frame and as-yet anonymous engine(Credit: Suzuki)

In fact, steep angles might not bother this thing much at all, with a decent degree of lift on it and very little overhang at the front or back where the wheels sit almost right out at the corners of its ladder frame.

The interior looks basic, fun, cheap and cheerful, with a decent sized color touch screen.

The new Suzuki Jimny: basic and tidy interior(Credit: Suzuki)

And … that's about all we know at this stage. There's no motor specs available, but we'd expect something small, simple and frugal to round out a lightweight package we'd expect to be so affordable you could buy a handful for the price of a G-Wagen.

It'll launch in a variety of boring blacks, whites, silvers and greys, as well as jungle green and ivory … but for our money, you've gotta be going for the Kinetic Yellow or Brisk Blue, at least until they throw in some really wacky color options.

We'll wait til the full launch and pricing, but this little fella could be a cult classic in the making.

Source: Suzuki

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