Piaggio unleashes the MP3's evil big brother, the 500cc Fuoco

Piaggio unleashes the MP3's ev...
The 500cc Gilera Fuoco
The 500cc Gilera Fuoco
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The 500cc Gilera Fuoco
The 500cc Gilera Fuoco

December 5, 2007 The reaction to Piaggio's MP3 carving 3-wheeler has been little short of sensational around the world - the lithe, feisty scooter is opening up a whole new category of vehicles. While the MP3 is something of a learner package, however, the people it's really been impressing are the seasoned bikers, who are in awe of its amazing front-end traction, stability, flickability and the sheer, unbridled fun factor you get from riding it. So you can understand our excitement when Piaggio announced today that a beefed-up 500cc version of the same platform was about to hit the streets, complete with a sportier suspension package that might just let you ride it as hard as it begs to be ridden.

It may not have the outright speed, street cred or ground clearance of a modern sportsbike, but the Fuoco will probably stop harder than anything on two wheels with its two fat contact patches up front, and the cornering ability and sheer giggle factor of these plucky three-wheelers has to be experienced to be believed.

More details and photos available at TheBikerGene.

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