Alyssa Craft and Jesse Stafford ditched the trappings of city life and bought some land in the Pacific Northwest, deciding to live in a trailer while building themselves a homestead. With winter on its way, the couple wanted to make life more comfortable, so next decided to extend their living space with a small cabin. The cost of construction for this hybrid cabin/garage home came in at just US$300.

Craft and Stafford moved into their rural 5 acre (2 hectare) plot in the Pacific Northwest in September 2015 and installed their trailer into a carport there, running a generator when they need electricity.

The couple spent – and still spend – a good deal of their time bartering and salvaging free building materials, and have ended up with quite a haul. Indeed, they estimate the cabin alone used several thousands of dollars of salvaged materials. It's also worth noting that the $300 price tag for the cabin doesn't take into account the cost of the trailer or the land.

Using the carport (and trailer within) as their base, the couple extended the structure with a 10 x 12 ft (3 x 3.6 m) timber cabin, which features a cedar roof and clear plastic roofing used as windows. The cabin is also insulated, and a wood-burning stove and air-movers were installed to help circulate warmth throughout the structure.

The pair also installed a water tank and pump, and even built their own DIY wood-fired cedar hot tub for bathing in.

Hot tub notwithstanding, it's still not the most luxurious of digs, but serves as a fine temporary base while they get on with the hard work of building a more permanent off-grid house and barn. Other future plans include drilling a well, installing a solar system, and becoming self-sufficient by growing their own food.

You can follow the couple's story and learn more about their cabin and their lifestyle on their blog, via the source link below.

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